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BBPD Carat Nanoceramic Tech Car Coating

Protect Your Vehicle from Damaging Elements With Superior Hard-Wearing Clear Ceramic Coat

BBPD Carat Nanoceramic Coating Paint ProtectionPhysical Coating Protection That Truly Lasts

Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, BBPD Carat adds a tough, physical layer of durable ceramic coat on top of your paint that is visually transparent and lasts for months even in Philippine conditions!

The combination of BBPD’s expert surface preparation and the Carat clear ceramic coat creates a continuous, cross-link single-component protective film on top of your car’s paint that offers great protection against etching, marring and paint fade due to Manila’s UV rays and pollutants.

The perfect product to protect your exterior paint surface from chemical and environmental damage!

While BBPD Carat coatings will last at least 12 months of protection, we know you want your vehicle to not only be protected, but look great all year round as well. Your BBPD Carat coating service includes THREE (3) complementary quarterly maintenance touch-up sessions annually to keep your Carat-protected vehicle in tip-top shape throughout the year!

One subscription, year-round protection.

Price starts from P12,000.00 up* and includes all four (4) quarterly sessions plus paint correction.

See your nearest BBPD branch or call us to book your free assessment and appointment today!

Protect your vehicle with the most trusted auto detailer in the country since 2003!

Scientifically-Tested Japanese Nano-Ceramic Tech Car Coating Technology One (1) Nanoceramic Coating Session (Lasts for at least 12 months)
Three (3) Complementary Quarterly Reloading / Touch-up Sessions Tough 9H Hardness Level
Protection against etching, marring and paint fading Premium Wash and Cleaning
Tar, Sap, Bug, and Clay Bar Deep Cleanse Treatment Light Interior and Engine Dusting
Tire and Rubber Molding UV Protectant Paint Correction Included

* Small-sized Vehicles

  • Medium-sized Vehicles – P14,000.00 up
  • Large-sized Vehicles – P16,000.00 up
  • Extra-Large-Sized Vehicles – P18,000.00 up
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