Exterior Detailing:
Depending on your car’s needs, we can customize your exterior detail to suit your budget and requirements. All our standard paint detail services include a premium wash, asphalt removal, clay paint cleaning and polymer paint sealant


Paint Protection:
Protect your vehicle, new or old, the whole year round with our premium Optiguard Paint Protection Program. Keep your car looking brand new without breaking the bank!


Interior Detailing:
Our interior car detailing uses the safest and latest techniques to clean your interior. All fabrics, leather, plastics, vinyl and interior glass will be cleaned from dash to trunk. Leather will be conditioned with lanolin enriched leather conditioners. We utilize upholstery extraction machines to facilitate upholstery cleaning without soaking the foam and fabrics unnecessarily. Lastly, our anti-bac odor elimination will ensure the interior of your vehicle is smells fresh and is free from harmful germs/bacteria


Engine Detailing:
Your engine bay is bombarded with a lot of daily road grime, engine fumes, water, mud and other dirt that accumulates over time. Having a clean engine bay not only looks better, it also prevents corrosion, and makes leaks and other problems easier to detect and pinpoint if repair is needed. We use both petroleum and water based chemicals to safely clean the engine bay. In addition, an engine-safe wax is used to finish off the painted areas while the rubber hoses and parts will be treated with water based dressing.


Other Services:
Premium Car Wash – Wash with premium shampoo, vacuum, glass cleaning, dash dusting, tire dressing
Seat Cover Removal and Install – Remove and replace seat covers
Interior Vacuum – Basic vacuum of all interior surfaces
Leather Conditioning – Wipe down leather and apply leather conditioner
Sidings / Dash Cleaning – Clean and dress door sidings and dashboard
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning – Deep clean leather and re-condition leather
Upholstery Seat Cleaning – Deep clean seats with shampoo and upholstery cleaner using extractor
Carpet Shampoo – Deep clean carpets with shampoo and upholstery cleaner using extractor
Headliner Cleaning – Cloth or vinyl headliner cleaning
Anti-Bac Odor Elimination – Sanitizing odor and germs/bacteria elimination process using mist machine

New Car Paint Protection (0-2 months old) – Premium Wash + Paint Claying + German Acrylic Paint Sealant
Wash and Wax – Premium Wash + Paint Claying + Premium Liquid Shine using orbital buffing machine
Wash and Double Wax – Premium Wash + Paint Claying + Synthetic Cleaner Wax + Premium Carnauba Wax
Claying Service – Paint overspray and sap removal
Color Sanding (Per Panel) – Removal of orange peel and new paint finishing (subject to assessment)
Glass Polishing – Machine-polish and removal of acid-rain water spots
Wheel Cleaning – Clean, polish and seal of wheels (alloy, wire or chrome types)
Degriming – Remove residue and soil on emblems, moldings, etc.
Plastic Bumper and Molding Recondition – Deep clean, dye and dressing
Convertible Top Cleaning – Deep clean, restore and protect convertible tops, including plastic rear window
Show Car Preparation – By estimate and appointment 

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